Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Family Day netCom

sorry for the late update. we are having family day on 2 dis 2012.

this are our part 4 friends that join family day.

first activity is event bribery = "acara suap menyuap"
*our junior bribe our senior*
sweeetttt gitu~

we are dividing into teams and i got WHITE team 

and thats me playing tranfer a balloon using botles without tauching the balloon.

next we need to transfer this volleyball using 8 pieces of rope and for this part my team are winning from behind AHAKS~

and lastyly we are playing transfering ball using kain batik which i thing it is the most interesting from all of the games. We also nees to build castle using the sand. which i didn't have the picture. i am so sorry because i can't share the look of the game.

this event make me know the seniors and juniors of netcom which before this i had never know my club seniors and juniors. thanks to all lecturer and friends cause you made my day beautiful.


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