Friday, 28 September 2012

Net~Centric Computing


many of us still wondering what is netcentric is all about.. i also don't really know what it is actually about.. but i think i'm started to love my course..because from my last semester, i can learn a new subject which is digital electronic and artificial intelligent.. i really found that our subject is getting more and more interesting.. when it's come to this semester.. i can even learn about what is web page and what is web site , about virus and security, and other programming languange such as xml, and etc.. But untill now i dislike like this 1 subject.. what i need to do?? can anyone sugget to me :)

When it's come to netcentric class, our class is really like in a refrigerator.. it makes me sleppy, and sleppy and sleppy ;D while it comes to language class it always hot and i'm getting perspire at the end of the class...
this sem i have 3 fav lect which is M.K.Y, N.K.A and N.S.. they really make me want to go to the class and learning their subject.. their attitude makes me fascinated and enjoy the class... love them <3

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

September Journey

I'm creating a blog for my web technology subject.. With this opportunity.. i can learn more about web technology this year.. Thanks to our lecturer who give us this individual task as my assignment.. i will try to complete it with my all effort..

                                                 "without ALLAH my day is just like"








                                         Seven day without ALLAH is just a weak day
                                     # may allah bless me always # happy WEDNESDAY people #

~~ ohhh MUM & DAD i just miss u everyday <3 loving u always =D stay in a good health my love

little bit of self details

countdown to new year