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2 type of uri :

  1. url ( uniform resouce locator)
  2. urn ( uniform resouce name)
  •  urn have 4 distinct parts: protocol type,  machine name, directory path and  file name.            

service model architecture

 role :
o Service provider
Provide services/function
Owner of the service
Platform that hosts access to the service

o Service requestor
Business that requires functions to be satisfied
Application looking for service and 
invoking an interaction with a service
Application/user/system/other component/web service.

                                                                       o      Service registry
                                                                           Searchable registry of service descriptions
                                                                           Service providers publish their service descriptions
                                                                           Place where put all description.


                                                                      o Publish
                                                                       Service descriptions need to be published 
                                                                       service requestor to find them
                                                                       Using WSDL,UDDI
                                                                      o Find
                                                                             Service requestor retrieves service description directly
                                                                       queries the service registry for the service required
                                                                       Using WSDL,UDDI
                                                                       o Bind
                                                                        Service requestor initiates interaction with service
                                                                        Using SOAP (XML)

in RDF we must know 3 things which is 

eg: the student of is puteri
  1. predicate : student
  2. subject :
  3. object : puteri
How ajax works

An Ajax application eliminates the start-stop nature of relations on the Web
It introduces an mediator of an Ajax engine, between the user and the server.
Instead of loading a webpage, at the start of the session, the browser loads an Ajax engine, written in JavaScript and usually located away in a hidden frame. 
The Ajax engine allows the user’s interaction with the application to happen asynchronously, independent of communication with the server   

jQuery function
  1. perform many actions in a single line
  2. based on the number and type of parameters 
  3. provided by the browser like alert()
  4. create DOM element methods like getAttribute()
json can be used in?
  1. JSON can be used in JavaScript by using the eval() function.
  2. JSON can be used in a blog 
  3. JSON can also be used for web service payloads.
Advantage of servlet:
  1. Multithreaded
  2. easy to deploy
  3. Stable environment
  4. Inherit all good features of the java language
Servlet Lifecycle:
  1. initialization
  • calling the init () method.
  • passes the servlet initialization parameters to the init() method.
  1. client  request service
  • Servlet creates seperate threads for each request
  • The sevlet container calls the service() method for servicing any request.
  • The service() method determines the kind of request and calls the appropriate method (doGet() or doPost()) for handling the request and sends response to the client using the methods of the response object.
  1. destruction
  •  If the servlet is no longer needed for servicing any request, the servlet container calls the destroy() method.
  • indicates to the servlet container not to sent the any request for service and the servlet  releases all the resources associated with it.
  • Java Virtual Machine claims for the memory associated with the resources for garbage collection.

Benefits of uddi

o possible to discover the right 
o enable commerce once the preferred business is discovered 
o Reaching new customers and increasing access to current customers 
o Expanding offerings and extending market reach 
o Extend web application using web services.

Issue of uddi : i have been searching the uddi issue but i kindly can not understand what is the issue is. Ican only list up the issue

main issue : security
other issue : configuration
                      quality of service

Session has 2 technique which are:
  1. cookies
         - able to save information from forms onto the client machine
         -     can  retrieved  notification on the website of the user's previous activity
         -      server side store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection
  1. url rewriting
         -       support session tracking
         -       modified extra path information, added parameters, server-specific URL change
         -       has session ID

List of JSP Element: 
  1. Directives : Instruction JSP container
  2. Comments : html > Content are visible to end user & jsp > Not visible to end user
  3. Scripting elements : area where the main java code reside
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