Sunday, 11 November 2012

on the eid adha day

we arrive at 6 o'clock in the morning.. after subuh pray, i'm watching televesion with my sisters.
at the 7 oclock we were going to the mosque..
at the 9 a.m we are gathering on the table and having a breakfast with my all my aunty, uncle and cousin. 
all of them praise the lemang is delicious.. of course it is delicious because it is hand baking with lots of love~
ahaks just kidding -shy yaww-
after finish breakfast we greeting each other and shaking hand. we visit our relatives and grave of our "nenek moyang". 
the next morning when i wake up i got the asthma.. haha i know why. because last night i drink cold water and i sleep in the aircond room. now i get the consequences. 
my father take me to the beach and have a picnic to help me getting a fresh air. i feel more healthy after going to the beach. my asthma recover alot. thanks to papa for being such a lovely dad to their daughter. love i pa~~


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